I’m a fashion designer who loves creating design products and following every step of the development process up to the final sales. I have been working for top established brands since 2007.
My last job at Farm Rio (www.farmrio.com) allowed me to improve my fashion design skills, creating and developing products focused on handmade and original styles. I used to work with suppliers in China and India, visiting local showrooms and developing new styles.
In 2013, Farm Rio launched a special collection in partnership with Pantone. I had the opportunity to be the project coordinator that launched products like sneakers, clothes, and accessories, among other products, in different and vibrant colors. 
Later, I moved to Australia (Sydney) and worked as a fashion designer at Suboo (www.suboo.com.au), where I could improve my knowledge of swimwear design. 
Since 2019, I have been living in Southern California, Encinitas, where I graduated in Graphic Design. I work as a swimwear freelancer designer for brands in Brazil, Farm Rio, and Europe. I am currently working at a local brand, Sivana (www.sivanaspirit.com), as a fashion designer,
developing products in womenswear with local and overseas manufacturers.